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Raw Power deals with all aspects related to the design of power electronics and electric motors.

Power Electronics

Motor Drives

Electric Motors

System Integration

Power Electronics

innovative solutions for static energy conversion

Static converters

We can offer innovative solutions in static energy convertion for different types of applications with different topologies :

  • AC/AC & Matrix Converter
  • DC/AC Voltage Source & Current Source
  • DC/AC Grid connected single phase and three phase inverter
  • DC/DC Buck, Boost and Buck/Boost
  • DC/DC Bidirectional (DAB)

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Electric Drives

Advanced controls for each type of electric motor

Electric drives

We can design and build custom electric drives with sensored (with position transducers such as hall sensors, encoder or resolver) and sensorless controls by applying state of the art algorithms designed to ensure high dynamics and high efficiency.

Our custom drives use innovative fully digital control algorithms, optimized for the required applications and implemented on modern processors.

We develop inverters with MOSFET or IGBT technology, with discrete components or architectures based on intelligent embedded modules (IPM).

We can provide fully customizable solutions for the control of:

  • DC Motors
  • Step Motors.
  • Brushless.
  • Torque
  • Induction

According to customer needs all drives can be equipped with communication interfaces with synchronous serial ports (SPI) and asynchronous (SCI), CANBUS fieldbus, Modbus, etc …

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Electric Motors

Electric Generators & Motors design

Induction motorsReluctance motorsBrushless motors

It has been many years that Raw Power designs electric machine and generally electro-mechanics energy conversion systems. The project is developed by opting for analytic methods and by computer simulation, using discrete elements simulation .

Furthermore, by the time Raw Power has developed  owner computing codes that can simulate different electric machine topologies e.i.:

  • Linear synchronous motors;
  • Independent carts;
  • Brushless motors with external and internal rotor;
  • Reluctance motors.

Raw Power can offer an ample applications range that goes from motors with power size of few dozen Watts up to motors of 200kW, that can be used for direct motion or for high speed applications.

We can go after our client during industrialization and test product phases taking advantage of certified laboratories and of a network of selected suppliers.

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    Mechatronics Integration

    Engineering consultancy and mechatronics integration


    Raw Power team’s cross-expertise allow to design, develop and control systems and processes with an high level of automation and integration. Applications cross very different fields, considering the interaction and the integration of electric, electro-mechanical components, from gear components and transducers applied to servo controlled systems. I.e:

    • Integrated systems and components for manufacturing automation;
    • Vehicles and operating machines electrification and crossbreeding;
    • Integrated converter development to take advantage of renewable energies;
    • Test benches development for particular test needs;
    • Platform and capture systems development (also embedded systems) for supervision and condition monitoring.

    We can also offer training interventions in order to optimize existing solutions or to execute analysis if there are existing machines.

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