Riduzione Torque Ripple in Motori a Riluttanza

Torque ripple reduction of reluctance machines
via Asymmetric Flux Barriers Design.

This activity proposes a rotor flux barrier design for pure and assisted reluctance electrical machines which can reduce torque oscillations due to torque ripple and cogging torque.

The intended solution consists of designing asymmetric rotor flux barriers by calculating the asymmetry angle via analytical calculus based on the most critical characteristics harmonic orders on the output torque.

This method was validated via extensive 2-D finite element simulation analysis on three different slot-pole configurations of a pure reluctance machine and assisted reluctance ones.

Simulation results showed a significant torque oscillation reduction given the same rated torque; the obtained reductions are nearly 92% and 70% for the pure reluctance and assisted reluctance machines, respectively.

An additional advantage was the improvement of Back-Electromotive Force waveforms.